What is PlazaScience?

PlazaScience is the first world map of scientific institutions built by students, teachers, researchers and citizens interested in scientific activities. A place to explore and discover, to study and work in the science world.

It is a colaborative project, which aims is to create a digital world map of knowledge sites through photo where participants will meet others users with the same interests, taking part of a network around places where researchers develop their work.

PlazaScience is a project of Fundación madri + d and it is funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology-Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

Join a shared mapping of scientific knowledge. Join PlazaScience!

Download the brochure about PlazaScience

Brochurea about PlazaScience

What is Fundación madri+d?

Fundación madri+d is a non profit organisation created in 2002, by the Government of the Region of Madrid to strengthen the coordination of the R&D Regional System, through common projects and initiatives in the area of technological innovation.

Fundación madri+d is a common space aimed at researchers, entrepreneurs, managers, politicians and citizens, a network formed by 47 institutions, including universities, public research bodies, business organisations, etc.

Fundación madri+d fosters communication and cooperation between academia and industry in order to improve the competitiveness of the Region through the joint creation and implementation of scientific and technical knowledge. It coordinates the following Regional Network of Support Offices for Research:

• The Technology-based Entrepreneurs´ Office • The Commercialization of Research Results Office • The European Research Area Office • The Scientific Information Office

It also manages www.madrimasd.org portal contents, one of the most relevant Web sites on information and communication of science, technology and innovation in Spanish.

madri+d helps to make science and technology a key element of welfare and sustainability in the Region of Madrid.