PlazaScience for researchers, students and citizens

If you are a researcher, teacher or student, you can participate in PlazaScience uploading photos of your research center or university where you work or study. We want to know your research group, your lab, your office, your group of friends from college ... We are also interested in your photos during your research stay, your Erasmus experience and any of the mobility and exchange student programs.

Citizens are also invited to participate in sharing their photographs of knowledge sites where they studied or worked or those places they visit.

How to take part

If you want to participate in PlazaScience, you have to create an account, where you can upload your photos and geoposition them. All photographs will be accompanied by a short description (140 characters) and they can be linked with other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + ...) and they also can be commented by other users.

The maximum size for the uploaded pictures is 10MB.

PlazaScience for institutions

Academic institutions play an important role in PlazaScience. Universities and research centers can show their teaching offer and any current interesting information for students and researchers: call for scholarships, job vacancies ... etc… PlazaScience is an ideal showcase to raise awareness of their knowledge sites to the world.

If you are interested in taking part in PlazaScience as institution, please contact us via email:

Join a shared mapping of scientific knowledge. Join PlazaScience!